These Shakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard… And The Drinks Are Good Too

Above you will find the only picture I was comfortable taking at Café Lu, mostly because of the looks I was getting from the bouncer while holding my camera. Oh right, there’s a bouncer. Why is there a bouncer you ask? Because all of the waitresses are wearing skimpy lingerie. More on that in a minute.

Orange County has plenty of smoothie and tea options. As with most things in this county, however, the best options tend to reside in the seediest, out-of-the-way shopping centers you dare pull into. This holds true at Café Lu, with its mirrored doors and location across from T&A Armory (insert your own joke here). Walking inside, you’re surprised to find a lively, charming café with a welcoming ambiance, as opposed to a dismal, strip-club atmosphere dripping with coffee-scented sleaze. One of my friends immediately put it best, “I feel even shittier that it’s actually classy.”

You’ll be welcomed in by one of the pretty models/waitresses, free to choose your own seating. Complimentary, but weak, iced tea will arrive immediately, though it will cost $5 if you don’t order another drink (Pro tip: Drink your tea quickly to maximize your refills nudge nudge). You’ll be baffled by the numerous “No Smoking” signs hidden behind a haze of smoke, as well as how so little clothing can cover just enough of the human body, but you need to focus and order a drink.

There’s no real food offered here, but with all the delicious drink options you won’t mind. The Vietnamese coffee is strong and flavorful, including just enough cream to smooth it into a silky caffeinated treat. The shake selections are plentiful and intriguing, with flavors from durian to avocado. If you’re persistent enough you can pick two flavors you like and get a custom order, my recommendation being an avocado & banana shake. Thick and creamy lusciousness, the distinct flavors of both fruits shining through while blending together harmoniously. I shit you not, the greatest shake I have had in years.

The service is excellent and attentive. The waitresses don’t flaunt themselves and take their work seriously, constantly checking up on you (no complaints) and happy to offer a recommendation. Overall a great place to ignite your day and relieve your stress with a drink and a view.

Oh, and the men’s bathroom doesn’t lock. You’re welcome in advance.


Rating: Mile-High Club     First Class     Business     Coach


Check ’em out at:

Café Lu

634 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704