Thanksgiving Poutine


WHAT: Thanksgiving Poutine

MADE OF: A bed of crispy, thick fries topped with spit-roasted turkey breast sliced into moist chunks, tangy sweet cranberry sauce, warm bits of stuffing and gravy thick as cream. Oh, and there’s cheese curds thrown in there, which qualifies it as poutine. All the Montreal kids are probably wetting their sheets in protest but fuck it. This turkey day mosaic is the perfect marriage of tart, sweet and savory gravy-soaked bird. Poutine or not, this is how you pregame for Thanksgiving dinner.

FOUND: The Kroft, 440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, California

You’ll find this place in the Packing House, a warehouse-turned-food-hall type that’s been the site of about 1.9 million Instagram photos taken by the residents of Orange County. Head downstairs and fall in line, then expect to be there for a while. Yes, fried potatoes smothered in cheese are that good.