Tequila-Filled Chocolate-Covered Jalapeños

Chocolate Fruit

NAMED Boozy Chocolate-Covered Jalapeños

MADE OF an entire jalapeño injected with tequila, then unceremoniously dipped in a warm vat of chocolate. These peppery babes were sent to us from the Golden Edibles, purveyors of every chocolate-covered manifestation on Earth. Of course, entertaining our stomachs with an indecent about of candy-coated chili peppers wasn’t enough.

So, we grabbed syringes, dusted off a bottle of tequila we’d been saving, and injected each peppery green sock with half a shot. The result was an explosion of liquor (we used some leftover Los Abuelos), followed by the unforgiving singe of a densely-seeded jalapeño. The heat was only lightly tempered by the chocolate, which for amusement’s sake, was quite tasty.

How were we feeling post-tequila-jalapeño eating? Don’t ask such rude questions.

FOUND Golden Edibles (sans tequila)