Super Super Secret In-N-Out Curly Fries? [UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS]

In-N-Out Curly Fries ?

NAMED Animal Style Curly Fries?

MADE OF crunchy, curly fries underneath a bed of melted American cheese, hot grilled onions and a curious spread similar to Thousand Island dressing — supposedly. The above photo was sent to one of our photographer Touche KVLT from a friend at Kaboom Magazine. You know how that goes. Said friend claims that he drove up to the drive-thru, then asked for “Animal Style Curly Fries” off of In-N-Out’s “Super Super Secret Menu”. The anonymous source claims that the curly fries were presented in the standard paper tray and tasted “just like Jack in the Box curly fries, but marginally better”. The caramelized grilled onion embedded in the creamy sauce mesh effortlessly with the distinct crunch of the edible corkscrews.

Now, do what you will with that information.

FOUND at an undisclosed location in Southern California, according to said friend. Some friend.

UPDATE: We played a cruel, heartless April Fools joke on the internet. Also, we heard some dude demanded animal style curly fries for his pregnant gf in Corona, CA. Sorry dude, friends?