Ramen-Layered Lasagna, aka Struggle Food

Ramen-Layered Lasagna, aka struggle food

WHAT: Romsagna. Really.

MADE OF: Top ramen par-boiled in a microwave — just in case you needed a reminder of how poor you are — that’s then layered in tomato sauce, ricotta (because apparently, you aren’t that poor). Repeat until you get to the top layer and slap on the rest of your sauce and sprinkle on some mozz. Bake for 15 minutes at 375 °F.

Why? As the Vulgar Chef so elegantly puts it, because you’re probably “broke as fuck and don’t get paid for being a food blogger like myself and the million other idiots talking about food on the interweb” and it’s time to “treat your strugglin’ ass mother fucker.” Preach, baby.

FOUND: The Vulgar Chef

Picthx The Vulgar Chef