Pizza Slice Topped with Smaller Slices of Pizzas

Pizzaception Pizza with smaller pizza


The Mini Vinnie


Melty pizza with slices of smaller, equally melty pizza. This bona fide cheeseception hails from Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg, the same joint that with a zero tolerance policy for “hipsters” and home of punny signage. We called up to see if they’d deliver to our office in Orange County, California and to see if they offer it with any topping other than “more pizza.”

Pizza topped with mini smaller pizzas

While it looks like we’ll have to make a business trip to NY soon, the guy on the phone said they could do pretty much any pizza variation “within reason.” It is, after all, like buying two slices with the second one chopped into pizza mini me’s.

The Mini Vinnie isn’t on the official menu, but if you ask real nicely, they’ll probably make it for you. Expect to pay $5 a pop.


Vinnie Pizzeria | 148 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

It’s the shop with funky “The Slice is Right” motto and walls covered with what curiously looks like subway bathroom tiles decorated with dry eraser art so good it’s worth the trip alone. But don’t do that. Get pizza. Pizza every time.

Also, this!

Thanks Nessy for the hat tip!