Nutella-Stuffed Chocolate Hazelnut Donut

Tim Hortons Nutella Donut

NAMED Chocolate Hazelnut Donut filled with Nutella

MADE OF a chocolate glazed donut topped with chopped hazelnuts surrounding a Nutella center. According to Mary Beth, a Toronto native, the cocoa and hazelnut mix was the perfect balance of sugar without being overwhelmingly sweet.

The fact that it’s shaped like a flower is a sign that you should go for the chocolate and hazelnut ‘petals’ first, then leave that Nutella centre for last. It’s the same satisfaction you get when you eat Nutella by the spoonful ― minus the judgement. Because in Canada, if it’s on a donut, it’s OK.

FOUND at a local Tim Hortons in Scarborough. Yes, it’s that place Drake keeps name-dropping in his songs. Ugh. The new Nutella-friendly line at Tim Hortons, which includes Nutella Pastry Pockets and Nutella-spread bagels, will be available in Canada until June 9. The US will have to wait until May 8 to get them and will have until August 18, 2015 to get their fill.

Protip from Mary Beth:

Tim Hortons Nutella

Photo by Mary Beth Madarang for 7DEADLY

This was my sad fritter [Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella]. It had the smallest little speck of Nutella inside. It’s covered in cinnamon sugar, which made it better because who doesn’t love things coated in cinnamon sugar. It’s the size of about two timbits but not as satisfying. Needs more Nutella.

Bottomline: Nutella Pastry Pockets = Not as good as timbits and more expensive. Opt for the Nutella donut because you can spread Nutella on a bagel at home. Or you can just eat Nutella from a jar in bed where no one can judge you. You’ve got options.