Mozzarella Stick-Topped Pizza Burger with Raspberry Buns

Red Raspberry Bun Burger




Two giant mozzarella sticks, a meaty slab of chuck and short loin, pepperoni slices and fresh spinach — all decked out in creamy pizza sauce and ranch, then unceremoniously stuffed in between two bright red buns. Every bite of this wildly decadent burger deserves a pause, or more, a moment to catch your breath while you register every insane bite.

GD Bro Burger

Each time your teeth dig in, hot cheese bursts from the crispy, breaded sticks and melts into the spiced pepperoni and the burger patty so fatty it melts on your tongue. It’s like biting into a pizza, but better, yes, better. There’s the comforting familiarity from the mozz and pizza sauce, but that’s as close to delivery as you’ll get.

The quality  of the chuck and short loin blend are the stuff of white tablecloth dinners, while the raspberry-infused buns bring a delicate sweetness that cuts through the flavors, elevating this burger from indulgent to innovative.

Note: the raspberry bun is optional, but really, it isn’t.


Truffle Fries Appetizer

While you wait for the monolithic burger, prep yourself with some of their truffle fries garnished with chopped green onion. Sure, they’re the bougie staple of appetizers but they’re also fucking delicious.

Fried Dessert

PS: We got to try these mini fried burritos stuffed with cream cheese and raspberry. They tasted like Toaster Strudels, but again, better. Sad news: they’re still in the test kitchen, so cross your fingers that these petite desserts make it to the menu.

It seems like these guys are hell bent on one-upping all of our favorite childhood foods. Hey, we ain’t mad at that.


GD BRO BURGER (The same dudes who made the Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons)

2321 E. 4th St. | Santa Ana | California