KFC Fried Chicken-Wrapped Hot Dog


WHAT: The KFC Double Down Dog

MADE OF: A hot dog squirted in cheese sauce and tucked into hot dog “bun” crafted out of greasy, fried chicken. This is what happens when the rest of the world gets an overdose of Americana.

So when did this concept of swapping carbs with deep fried protein begin? Back track to April of 2010 when KFC released the Double Down Sandwich squished between two pieces of crispy chicken fillets. The novel April Fools-turned-reality concept went by the motto “we didn’t have room for a bun” and soon became the quintessential stateside meal — unnecessary, grotesque and intriguing. A deep-fried car crash you couldn’t look away from.

Now, the Philippines wants in and their hot dogs wrapped in fried chicken buns have successfully caused the internet to lose its shit.

FOUND: KFC Philippines. Bad news: Only 50 DDDs are being sold at each location and for now, the promotion will run from 1/26 to 1/27 only. Good news More Bad News: Naturally, they sold out within the first day.

Picthx The Daddest