Jalapeño Cream Cheese Wontons


WHAT: Juantons

MADE OF: Ground, fatty beef and velvety jalapeño cream cheese stuffed into crispy wontons. Two things you should know before you order anything off the GD Bro Truck menu. First, prepare yourself with stacks of napkins. Nevermind that everyone else in line will give you nasty looks for raiding the serviettes. You do you, you hungry, selfish bastard. Second, they also make wet, juicy burgers that take two hands to conquer and whose sauce drippings you’ll find in every hole the next morning. The juantons, zing!,  are meaty, spicy previews to what you can expect from the rest of the menu.

Each crunchy bite unleashes an ooze of hot cheese frosting and tender beef, just enough indulgence to prep you for their apocalyptic sandwiches.

Also, this is a “secret menu” item that goes quick. So try not to cry if they sell out.

FOUND: Roaming around Orange County. Hunt them down here. Protip: look for the big black truck that smells like fried daydreams.



Charisma Madarang

I enjoy long walks to Taco Bell.