Ice Cream-Stuffed Waffle Taco

Ice Cream Waffle Taco




Everything your childhood hopes and dreams are made of—as well as three heaping scoops of decadent ice cream, your choice of two toppings, and legend has it that a dash of pixie dust also finds its way into the mix. An innovative waffle-cone turned taco shell is loaded (literally) with flavors ranging anywhere from Green Tea to Royal Caramel Swirl and everything in between. Banana Walnut Fudge is a homerun as is their tried and true French Vanilla—sometimes it pays to be a purist. Although chocolate sauce is never a bad choice, Nutella is a better one—a richer, creamier, nuttier one hailing from a magical dessert land where chocolate is undoubtedly king. From there, go crazy with choices such as chocolate chips, peanuts, Oreo cookies, M&Ms, or go rouge with gummy bears. If you like to live life on the wild side, you can also choose a Red Velvet taco shell in place of the standard sugar-cone waffle taco shell—if you consider that “standard.”


If you are gluten-free or vegan—never fear! You will not be left to twiddle your thumbs while sipping on a water bottle here! Soy ice cream, gluten-free cookie, and vegan cookie options are available for all of your clean-eating enjoyment!


Cream is a quirky, upbeat ice cream parlor that is mere steps away from the Aliso Viejo Edward’s movie theater. This sweet treat easily draws you to (unhesitatingly) ditch the typical popcorn and boxed candy you mindlessly devour during the film and indulge in a Cream Taco, a fresh cookie sandwich, or just grab a scoop of quality ice cream while enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather before you head indoors to catch your box office smash (or seasonal rom-com).

Cream 26841 Aliso Creek Rd #B, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Jessie Dax-Setkus

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