Ice Cream-Stuffed Donuts


WHAT: “Milky Bun,” or ice-cream stuffed donut of your childhood’s sugar-infested dreams.

MADE OF: Elsewhere on this site, “Milky Bun” might mean… something else. In this instance, however, it’s exactly what you would have made had your parents left you in charge of dinner at 7 years old. A warm, glazed donut is stuffed with “cookie monster” ice cream—a smooth vanilla base stuffed with cookies and fudge, fluorescent blue because Afters’ co-owner Andy Nguyen “wanted it blue”—then rolled in a heap of fruity pebbles. Not into blue ice cream? Then try any of their bajillion flavor and topping iterations, like Jasmine milk tea and coconut, or milk and cereal ice cream with, uh, cereal. For $5, you can recapture your childhood with a sticky, glazed donut face and a sugar-fueled tummy ache. The “adult” in you will pat yourself on the back, because this is some damn good ice cream.

FOUND: Afters Ice Cream | 18030 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Photo taken by Courtney H. for 7Deadly


Courtney Hamilton

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