Grilled Cheese Fries


WHAT: Grilled Cheese Fries

MADE OF: Tired of those soggy croutons lifelessly floating on top of your mediocre tomato soup? Feeling conflicted between a wad of Mickey D fries and a gooey cheese sandwich? Well, now you can have both, because (drum roll, please) Ah-murr-ic-A. Made by the same fried aficionado who brought you deep-fried breakfast empanadas, these ” buttery, light, crispy” beings ooze cheese when you sink your teeth into them. The recipe calls for sharp cheddar Velveeta cheese folded into sheets of Pillsbury Crescent Dough, then cut up into strips of “fries” and sent home into the deep fryer.

If you’re looking for something more frou frou to pair with your can of Campbell’s, crumbled blue cheese or Parmesan will work too.

FOUND: Oh, Bite It!

Picthx Oh, Bite It!