Foie Gras Samosas


WHAT: Samosas (an Indian fried pastry) stuffed with foie gras, California chefs’ former contraband delicacy.

MADE OF: We know: these are not the images you’re accustomed to seeing in this section. There are no grease-laden fried chicken buns, or sticky glazed donuts stuffed with neon blue ice cream. But be not underwhelmed, reader. Clay Oven Cuisine of India’s foie gras samosas are small because they have to be—they’re stuffed with intensely decadent meat butter produced from obese poultry liver, then flash fried. Like alcohol, too much of this won’t end well for you. Not to mention, they’re fancy, made with California’s newly-legal, absurdly expensive foie gras—and we all know fancy food comes in tiny, delicate packages.

When eaten, the samosas ooze near-liquefied torchon—a booze-flavored, several-day preparation of foie. To cut the decadence, Clay Oven fills the samosa with a pleasant sour cherry chutney and serves them atop a bed of slightly spicy microgreens. All at once, the morsels taste buttery, fatty, sweet, sour, meaty, and unceasingly rich. Try them now, before California decides to make them contraband again.

FOUND: Clay Oven Cuisine Of India | 15435 Jeffrey Rd. Ste 116, Irvine, CA 92618

Courtney Hamilton

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