Toasted Coconut Flan-Garnished Donut

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The Toasted Coconut Flan Donut


Diabetes’ arch nemesis. The Toasted Coconut Flan Donut unites the dessert world’s Legion of Doom: super-fried sucrose, the frosted dextrosity, the toasted coconut wonder, and, their leader, the flantastic coco-lactose, thus creating the most dangerously sweet donut in existence.

UJelly Donuts

Attempting to pose as an innocent glazed donut that beckons you in with its abundance of strategically-placed toasted coconut and caramel-y flan, this donut is anything but harmless. It’s downright diabolical for all of those attempting to defend their waistlines. You’ve been warned wishy washy New Years resolutioners.


Food: If your Coconut Flan donut is looking a little lonely, pack some extra pals along with it for the ride home. The Taro, Cookies n’ Cream, and Pandan donuts are not only noble choices, but they bring a unique color, flavor, and personality to the mix that many donut shops don’t offer.

UJelly Taro Donut

Taro-Stuffed Donut

Pandan Donut

Pandan Donut

Cookies n’ Cream UJelly Donut

Cookies n’ Cream Donut

Drinks: Wash those toothsome treats down with a cool Sea Salt Jasmine Tea. This blend of earthy tea and sweet creaminess pairs well with all of the sugary loot you just got your hands on.

UJelly sweet drinks


UJelly is a freshly-opened pastry shop that serves donuts adorned with smaller desserts (because of course) in Fountain Valley. They also bake giant plain and stuffed croissants, and flavored milk teas that include add-ins such as boba and jelly. If you’re planning to drop by and leave with only one treat—this may not be the place for you. Tip: Visit when you finally decide to throw your inhibitions to the wind. You weren’t really going to chug $9 spinach juice all year anyway.

UJelly | 16051 Brookhurst St | Fountain Valley, California | 92708

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