5-Layer Caviar Pie

Art of Pie Caviar Pie


Caviar Pie


Five neat sheets of (from top to bottom) roe, cream cheese mixed with onion, smoked salmon, eggs, and more cream cheese-onion, for good measure. Similar to the way 18th century party goers would flex with pineapples, caviar pies have long been a staple to the cocktail crowds of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

However, Art of Pie, is churning out a new breed of these savory “pastries”. Rather than a subtle accessory to a soirée, AOP’s seafood towers are designed to be the main entertainment at a white table cloth affair (move over meat and cheese plates).

So, how you you attack a gastronomical beast like the 5-Layer Caviar Pie? Take a medium-thick cracker and use it to cut out a generous chunk, taking care to get all five layers. The salty roe cuts through the fluffy, sweet cream cheese and egg, while the smoked salmon enhances the savory aromas. When your taste buds are done registering the complex flavors, you’ll be left with a lemony aftertaste.


Puff Pastry

Eats like their Puff Pastries and Rosemary Pecan Crispy Bread are available at local shops like Life Yoga Studio in Bonifacio Global City, 2F Eight Forbestown Road. You’ll also find them setting up shop in nearby markets close during the Christmas season. So if you’re in PI, call or email them for exact location.



12 Butterfly St. Valle Verde 6, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines


T: 09175094855 (Call 2 days ahead)

E: artofpie@gmail.com