Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

Cards of Humanity Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies, a post-meal ritual that has a long and surprising history, are given a sinister twist thanks to the creators behind Cards Against Humanity. Rather than cracking one open to the expected pleasantry of “Your generosity earns the respect of those around you,” you expect something more like, “You will die at an Arby’s in Columbus, Ohio”

The deceptively innocuous treats are available via Ok Cookie Co. that sells them for $10 per 15 “horrible” cookies. Possible scenarios to hand out these pessimistic cookies include family reunions, Christmas, work parties and strangers who bump into you without politely apologizing (y tho?).

Curiously enough, Ok Cookie Co. is actually a lowkey promotion for the launch of a shipping company called Blackbox — something the Cards Against the Humanity founders say they wish existed when they first started. Either way, peek some fortunes from their real life case study below.

fortune cookies by cards against humanity

fortune cookie

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Picthx Ok Cookie Co.

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