A Food Porn Guide to London’s Broadway Market

bacon butty

Finding food in England that won’t give you stone cold shits is like trying to find a salad joint in Mississippi. It just doesn’t work that way.

For a country that annually spends £1.2 billion on fish and chips and birthed Marmite, this isn’t news. Yes, good eats do exist, but they sure are hard to find if you don’t know any better.

So, we’re going to save you time and well earned cash with this gold nugget: Eat breakfast and lunch at the markets. (For dinner, you can fill up on “cheeky chicken” and dank beer.) Markets in the UK are cheaper and will generally use only local, quality ingredients. That means less curious bullshit going into your food and a wider range of variety in one easy-to-navigate place.

While all markets in London are promising, from massive Borough Market to five-stall Goodge Place Market, Broadway Market makes you giddy with joy as soon as the smell of warm curry and fresh salmon toast grace your nostrils. We descended on the edible oasis early one Saturday after a particularly rough night out in Hackney. We took pictures and ate everything in sight,  even letting the boys at Le Swine convince us to try their inglorious bacon butty (below) after we were four pies deep.

In a land of meat and two veg, it was a welcome sight for our heavy, hungover hearts.

scotch eggs at finest fayre

scottish egg at broadway market

methi butteta at gujarati rasoi

vegetarian option at broadway

brilliant, stinky cheeses at raw cheese power

aged cheese at broadway london

the meltiest smoked salmon at hansen & lydersen

smoked salmon

creamy olives + dill at borough olives

green olives at market

mini savory pies at the pie cart

pies in london

meringues + meringue cake at meringue girls

meringues sold at broadway

chocolate desserts

desserts at broadway market

obligatory stop at climpson & sons

coffee at climpson and sons

truffles at dark sugars

gourmet chocolate

vietnamese sandwich at bếp haus

fresh sandwich at london's broadway

crispy, juicy roasted pig at roast hog

roasted pig at broadway market

roasted pig skin

eggy bacon butty at le swine

le swine uk

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