Bacon Sriracha Cronuts

Bacon Sriracha Cronuts


Bacon Sriracha Cronuts “Cresnuts”


 Yes, it’s a hijacked recipe of the cronut turned into an abomination that would cause Dominique Ansel to kneel over and sob French tears. Which is partly why we dig it so much. This Southern California joint’s “cresnut” does an admirable job of imitating the original, hosting the expected layers of light, fluffy fried dough shaped into a ring. However, the first bite makes it clear that the cronut-gimmick is merely a vehicle for the punch-in-the-face flavors of the thick Sriracha glaze and generous amount of candied bacon sprinkled on top.
If you’re looking for something “delicate,” this is not the donut for you. This savory behemoth is a Sriracha-soaked, protein-packed meal that just happens to be on a cronut-like pastry. There’s a faint hint of sugar from the dough, but that quickly gets lost as the spicy, meaty heat overwhelms every square centimeter of your tongue.

If you’re in the area, it’s one of those life experiences next to joining the mile high club. Maybe better, depending on who you’re shagging in the lavatory.

FOUND: DK’s Donuts of Orange, 3744 E Chapman Ave, Orange, California

A no-seating, one-window shack adjacent to a costume store that also doubles as a nightclub filled with curious gents in bright yellow tuxedos and John Lennon glasses. It makes for great people watching at 2 am. Bonus: DK’s is open 24/7.