Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Crust

Little Caesars Bacon Pizza Crust

WHAT: Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish Pizza

MADE OF: Finally, a reason to go to Little Caesars. Makers of mediocre pies and 5-dollar winners, the fast food chain unleashed their new bacon-wrapped pizza. Yes, an entire cheesy rectangle surrounded by a wall of greasy, fatty meat.

While they’re a little late to the show, at $12, Little Caesar’s newest vegan nightmare shies away from their regular budget-friendly menu. The limited-time offer rolls out February 23, packing two types of bacon and pepperoni on a 8-corner (so two cheese bricks) deep dish pizza. Each slice will come studded with bacon sprinkles, so loosen that belt internet.

FOUND: Little Caesars, nationwide starting February 23.