Bacon Mac & Cheese Donut


WHAT: Bacon Mac & Cheese Donut

MADE OF: Often, we asks ourselves whether we could, when really we should be asking if we should. (RIP Dr. Ian Malcolm.) Apparently, the fine folks over at Philly’s PYT — the same people who managed to fit an entire cheeseburger into a donut — don’t give a damn about the latter and seem to be hell bent on giving America heart failure.

Their latest venture take a classic glazed donut and stuffs it with melty bacon mac and cheese that oozes out when you bite past its sugary, bacon-studded outer layer. We’d go into the whole sweet meets savory spiel but that’s not what you want to hear, you want to hear BACON. DONUT. MAC. CHEESE. until you throw up in your mouth a little.

FOUND: PYT, 1050 N Hancock St Philadelphia, PA

Picthx PYT