Aliso Bakery: 5-Layer Chocolate Covered Rainbow Cake


Aliso Bakery and Donuts is a cross-cultural panaderia.  When you walk into this confectionery rabbit hole, you step foot onto a shore of conchas, welcomed by the zealous Perla, your guide and baker-in-training.  Perla is one of Efren’s, the owner, three daughters.  While her sisters prefer cake decorating, Perla emanates her father’s dreams and aspirations.


My parents are from Oaxaca, Mexico and I was born here and so were my sisters.  the Jewish part was an old bakery and we took it over and was going to make it a mexican bakery but they had the Jewish already in it so my dad learned it.

 rainbow cake

Perla’s father worked at fast food restaurants and grocery stores, raised a family, and eventually took over a Jewish bakery, where he learned how to make challah bread, Irish soda bread, and other European pastries — integrating the selection with what he knew as a Mexican baker, calling it “wedded bliss.”

I tried out the multicolored Rainbow Cake featuring five layers of vanilla each flavored and dyed a different color, separated by layers of raspberry and chocolate sauce, then dashed on the sides with chocolate jimmies.  This was one of the recipes that Efren inherited, adding his own variation of flavoring.  It was moist, lushed with vanilla, yet tart.  Ganache enveloped the entire cake in chocolate.  My eyes were gleaming and I was hoping to feel like I was diving into a bowl of chocolate-dipped fruit loops.  I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed when that flavor ensemble of my childhood memory didn’t happen. Still, it was quite tasty and the dense chocolate ganache contrasted well in texture with the fluffy cake.

Rainbow Cake : 3/5


Yelp  : 4/5