A Tale of Two South-County Donutteries


The other day I was thinking about whacking… no, not like that. Shame on you! As I was saying… I was gardening and spotted a small snake. After attempting to chase it away for an hour, the “Whacking Day” episode of the Simpsons popped into my head (follow my illogical progression here). Then I started thinking about my favorite episode, “Marge Vs. The Monorail,” which is the absolute greatest episode of the show, and if you disagree with me, I’ll cut you. I mean, come on: Written by Conan O’Brien, Phil Hartman and Leonard Nimoy guest starring, a musical number, the Flinstones opening parody — what’s not to love? This episode also features the line “Donuts: Is there anything they can’t do?” Thus, two hours later I was stuffing my face with donuts. At two different places. Bam. Gettin’ it done.

First, I went to the newly opened Devilicious Donuts in Mission Viejo. If this place is any indication, then donuts are aiming to be the next cupcakes aka the next sweet treat to get an upscale makeover. Offerings range from the PB&J to the Popskotch with buttered popcorn and caramel. Taking a page from well-known donut shop Voodoo Donuts in Portland, their Chocolate Bacon Bar is a standard chocolate bar topped with two non-standard strips of bacon. These things were crisper than a deep-fried $100 bill and fragrant enough for the smoky flavor to hit your nose before you chomp down.

While this donut initially won me over, the other cakey delights were less satisfying, mainly due to the high mark-up ($2 and up). The Blueberry Blast was like an iced blueberry muffin, and while the Hello Kitty Donut was cuter than being strangled by a thousand rainbows, the taste didn’t match up. Although, I may be lured back when Devilicious premiers their pizza donut and donut cheeseburger.

Or, I can just go to Surfin’ Donuts nearby, which does donuts turned up to 11. Their donuts are fresh and delicious, with batches constantly being brought out to satiate hungry regulars. While they offer one of the best breakfast burritos ever, what makes this place special is their willingness to donut-ify anything. Want a breakfast sandwich made with a maple bar instead of a croissant? No problem. Donut cheeseburger? Sure thing. Carne asade fries with pieces of cut up donut tossed in? Been there, done that. They don’t do it just for the novelty aspect, however, as each of these items was made with as much if not more love than their donut-less counterparts, assuring not only a fun “I did this!” experience, but a legitimately great meal.

Donuts man, they can do it all.

Also, just because:


Devilicious Donuts:     Mile-High Club     First-Class     Business     Economy

Surfin’ Donuts:     Mile-High Club     First-Class     Business     Economy


Check ’em out at: 

Devilicious Donuts
Marguerite Parkway, Suite A2
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Surfin’ Donuts
26861 Trabuco Rd, Suite G
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Photography by Eunice Lee