Straw SF: Cinnamon Sriracha Buffalo Wings

The weather is unusually warm for SF today. Thus, it’s the perfect time to pop into Straw SF, a little joint in Hayes Valley that a friend recommended. Known for their carny theme, lightbulbs trapped in glass mason jars hang from the ceiling and the seating boasts an actual Tilt-a-Whirl car saved from a junkyard. It smells like fried sweet goodness inside and we sit down with head chef Lily Medina as she explains the intricacies of the Fireball, aka Cinnamon Sriracha Buffalo Wings + Cinnamon Cream.


Straw SF/Lily Medina: 

“The Cinnamon Sriracha wings are pre-baked with spices that include cinnamon, nutmeg and a little bit of cardamom. For service they are fried until they are nice and cripsy, then tossed in our house buffalo sauce — it has sriracha, butter and cilantro and served with our cinnamon cream, which is cinnamon cream cheese and a little bit of sour cream. All together it’s delicious.

The flavors — it’s interesting because cinnamon already has it’s own spice to it. So when when combined with the buffalo sauce, I think it makes it a little more spicy yet gives it a slightly sweet taste with the cinnamon cream  next to it.”



I’m upset for two reasons.

1) I’m trying to figure out how to gracefully devour these phenomenal wings while simulatneously chatting with Lily. She’s a nice girl and all (an absolute doll, actually), but this sriracha covered chicken is blowing my mind right now.

2) My photographer, aka iPhone handler, has already inhaled about half the plate. And I’ve just had one. Not. Fair.

The Fireball is phenomenal, more sweet than spicy. Like the Sour Patch Kids commercial where the gummy cuts the chick’s pigtail off and then gives her the puppy face. Although, if that had been me I would have bitten his sugary head without any hesitation  The sriracha and cinnamon blend together for the initial kick but the cream cheese sauce is pure candy, I want to douse my body in it.

Rating: 6/7



Straw SF
203 Octavia Boulevard

San Francisco, CA 94102
415. 431.3663

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