The Miscreants

The Miscreants

handmade crystal dildos

Crystal Dildos Now Cheaper Than Therapy

The healing power of crystals are touted everywhere you go these days. From your yoga teacher to your roommate swearing she feels like a “whole new person” ever since she got hers from Urban Outfitters. Now, you can get these…

vapen cannabis inhaler

This Weed Inhaler Blasts 10mg of THC Per Puff

What It Is The latest method of getting high doesn’t involve smoking or eating it. Taking a design page from inhalers used to treat asthma, the “Vapen Clear” inhaler swaps the albuterol with pure THC. And unlike vaporizer pens, this particular puffer uses…

copycat bongs

Starbucks Wins $500,000 in Damages Over a Bong

When Starbucks got wind that their iconic Frappuccino cup was copycat’d into a bong, they filed a complaint back in June. Now, James Landgraf, the Oregon artist behind the Starbucks-themed water pipe, must pony up over $500,000 in damages. Dubbed “Dabuccino,” the…

Cards of Humanity Fortune Cookies

Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies, a post-meal ritual that has a long and surprising history, are given a sinister twist thanks to the creators behind Cards Against Humanity. Rather than cracking one open to the expected pleasantry of “Your generosity earns the respect of…

Legalize Marijuana

Initiative to Legalize Marijuana Makes California Ballot

It’s about damn time. On Tuesday, an initiative that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California made it on the November 8th ballot. The Secretary of State’s Office confirmed that it received the 365,880 signatures needed to qualify for the measure. If green-lit…