Dallon Adams

Dallon Adams

Dallon Adams is a freelance writer based out of Louisville, KY. His other works include short fiction, prose, essays, daily news and lifestyle features.

Marijuana Thanksgiving Turkey

Watch: This Thanksgiving Turkey Gets You High

It’s that time of year again, where we pack on the pounds and nom ourselves right into a food coma. Tis the hibernation season after all. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Cut’s Baked Series has released a step-by-step guide to…

couple fights

This Startup Will Dump Your Shitty GF/BF for $10

‘Tis the season for cuffing. While many humans will be packing on the hibernation weight and attempting seasonally induced monogamy until something better shows up the following spring, many others will be aiming to drop the nagging deadweight that is…

Climate Change Sex Drive

Climate Change Is Killing Your Sex Drive

When it comes to climate change, the unprecedented Greenland ice melt, mass animal die-offs and diminishing eco systems are all extensively documented; however, it appears as though our sex drive may be the latest victim of a warming planet. If…