Cristiana Wilcoxon

Cristiana Wilcoxon

A writer and photographer based in Orange County. My patronus is a burger.

woman using cell phone

Texting Your Ex is Ruining Your Current Relationship

Texting your ex doesn’t bode well for your current relationship, and we have proof. Recent research published by Personal Relationships indicates that 40% of the approximately 400 college students in relationships surveyed (mostly female) were in current communication with an…

grocery list

An Online Museum of Found Grocery Lists

“Yikes, where did my last grocery list end up?” is the question you’ll be asking after viewing this online collection of over 3,700 found grocery lists. Collected by founder Bill Keaggy since 1997, these lost, discarded, and incredibly personal scraps…

pokemon go dating

Pokémon Go Caught Me a Tinder Date

Swiping through Tinder is a tedious process that can be likened to the 100+ Magikarp (read: shit Pokémon) you need to catch in order to get one badass Gyarados. The endeavor makes most of us question the meaning of “looking…


The Addiction of Insta(nt)gram

Remember when we used to poke fun at MySpace mirror “selfies” and Facebook duck faces? Apple’s Photobooth application claimed the self-respect of many with its thermal filter. But in October of 2010, an iPhone app launched that replaced all these…

YouTube Predators

A Handsy Guide to YouTube Predators

With the recent news of YouTube celebrity Sam Pepper’s alleged rape and sexual harassment accusations, now is the perfect time to figure out from which other channels you should unsubscribe. Because #yesmeansyes, damn it. A Handsy Guide to YouTube Predators…