Courtney Hamilton

Courtney Hamilton

An avid writer, reader, feminist and french fry fanatic.

Relationship advice

How to Fall in Love with Your Boyfriend, Again

How long does four minutes of unbroken eye contact feel? Well, that depends on who you’re staring at. Four minutes with a stranger? An excruciatingly uncomfortable experience. Four minutes with a friend? Sure to end in awkward giggles. Four minutes…


How To Have ‘Artisanal Sex’

The original sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer has either adopted the mentality of a Brooklyn barista or she’s mocking one: Check out her new Twitter fascination with the term “artisanal sex.” “Artisanal sex,” according to the octogenarian sex therapist and cultural…

Weed-Infused Pumpkin

24 Weed-Infused Recipes That Go Beyond the Brownie

One of the most beautiful things about gradual marijuana decriminalization in the United States (however many setbacks it faces)? It offers ample opportunity for culinary minds to experiment with one more potent herb. Now we’ve scoured the internet for some impressive…